Sports Massage in Central Point, Oregon

Sports massage, while often used for athletes recovering from an injury, is beneficial for preventative and developmental purposes. Energy and respiration production rely on tiny cells in your body called mitochondria. The more you exercise and build muscle, the more mitochondria are produced in your body. The more mitochondria you have in your body, the easier it becomes to exert energy and the more efficient your respiratory process becomes.

In a recent study, (McMaster University) researchers found that a massage directly following an intensive workout caused the body to produce more mitochondria. By stimulating and manipulating the tissue surrounding the muscle, a massage can act as a natural pain-killer after strenuous physical exertion as well as aid in energy and respiratory production.

Post-exercise massage can lead to better muscle recovery and health as a preventative measure, but what if you’ve suffered an injury? Don’t worry. A Time 4 U’s sports massage therapy can help to facilitate full and speedy recovery. After you’ve suffered an injury, your muscles are full of inflammation and lactic acid. Often standard injury rehabilitation processes, such as physical therapy, end before your body has reached it’s full pre-injury condition, so by receiving a massage during this time, you can help your body to flush out this lactic acid and provide a pathway to full recovery for your injured muscles or ligaments.

Sports massage encourages circulatory movement and muscle relaxation. This allows for more nutrients to be pumped from your heart to tissues and vital organs. By increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen, your body is able to recover at an accelerated rate with more efficiency to get you back on the playing field more quickly with less chance of reinjury.

Just as massage is beneficial for the physical recovery and maintenance of the muscular system, it is also beneficial for the mental clarity required for athletes. Whether you are a cyclist focusing on maneuvering and balance or a football player staying focused on the play and the end zone, mental clarity is essential for peak performance. Stress and anxiety can cloud your mental clarity and cause increased levels of cortisol, which cloud your thinking and judgement on the playing field.

Massage therapy reduces cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the hormone that helps the body to regulate metabolism, control blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, anxiety, and depression. While balanced levels of this hormone are absolutely essential to our health and well being, increased levels of the cortisol hormone can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and overall mental haze. By regularly seeing your massage therapist, you can keep your hormone levels in check to stay at peak athletic performance.

Here at A Time 4 U Massage Therapy, we recommend seeing a massage therapist at least once every month to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health. In addition to regular massages, we recommend seeing a massage therapist after an injury or even after an intense workout. We want to help you to be the best athlete you can be, while maintaining your emotional well being and peak mental clarity.