Auto Accident Massage in Central Point, Oregon

Automobile accidents can have detrimental effects on your body. From severe crashes to fender-benders, your neck, limbs, and body may have experienced harmful stress, regardless of how much you feel it. Our bodies are not meant to experience the sudden impact of a car crash, nor are our ligaments equipped to handle such hyper extensions as can happen in an auto accident.

Many people put off calling their doctor, chiropractor, or massage therapist because they don’t feel the extra tension right away. After sorting out insurance and collecting the other person’s information, calling your doctor or chiropractor should be next on your list. After an auto accident, it is important to visit a doctor to get an assessment of the damage your body has experienced. Just as it is smart to have your car assessed for unseen, yet potentially dangerous damages caused by the accident, your body may have experienced unseen, yet potentially dangerous damages and should be checked out by a qualified individual. By visiting a doctor, you can learn how your body has been stressed, and ideally prevent further ongoing tension. Your doctor may prescribe a massage therapy session as your pathway to physical healing.

A Time 4 U specializes in auto accident massage, and is happy to help you achieve a full and speedy recovery from your auto accident. Massage therapy after an auto accident can provide a variety of benefits from  muscle relaxation to blood and lymph circulation. After experiencing a traumatic accident (or even a seemingly insignificant fender-bender!) your body may go into a protective mode. Your muscles have experienced a shock, and will become tense and tight to prevent damage to your body. Often the muscles can stay this way long after the accident if not properly cared for in the following few weeks. Massage therapy can help your muscles to relax and return to normal, as well as prevent emotional and mental side-effects associated with chronic or long-lasting pain.

Whiplash is a common side-effect of auto accidents. The quick stop and sudden impact can cause your neck to “whip” forward and then back. Untreated, this can cause long-lasting neck pain, poor range of motion in their neck and shoulders, and stiffness. Many people also experience depression, insomnia, and lack of focus due to long-lasting pain stemming from auto accident injuries. Therapeutic massage can significantly improve these effects, and help you to make leaps and bounds in your physical healing.

Nerves and circulation are affected by auto accidents. The shock and trauma of an auto accident can cause the autonomic nervous system to become unbalanced. By receiving a therapeutic massage in the few days and weeks following an auto accident, you can significantly improve the recovery of your nervous system, as well as the circulation of your blood and lymph systems. These systems help to manage swelling and stiffness after an accident. By addressing this by way of therapeutic massage, your massage therapist can facilitate improved circulation and improved pain management.

Don’t hesitate to see your doctor to see if massage therapy is right for you. A Time 4 U is there for you on your path to healing.