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Tina L. Matthews LMT

Tina L. Matthews LMT

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A Time 4U’s Tina Matthews has called Southern Oregon her home since she was a child. She loves her hometown and the community in Southern Oregon. Tina is active in her church and her faith is very much a part of who she is. She brings that same devotion to community and faith into her workplace. Tina has been practicing massage since 2006. She has always had a passionate interest in massage therapy and the healing powers it possesses. Since she was young, Tina was the friend who could alleviate the pain from those she cared about.

Being a natural at massage therapy, it only made sense for her to pursue it as a career. Compassionate and skilled, Tina is often referred to as having “healing hands.” She has dedicated her life to educating herself in as many areas and with as many tools as she can to serve her clients and her community.

Tina is certified in many areas of massage therapy such as Prenatal and Chinese Cupping; she also specializes in motor vehicle accident recovery and sports therapy and uses DoTerra Essential Oils.

Tina has been nominated as one of the top three “Best of the Best” in Southern Oregon. Her clients give her rave reviews that praise her ability to be in-tune with where their pain is, and laud her healing touch that brings much needed relief. She is here to serve you and use her passion for massage therapy, her gifted “healing hands,” and her certified techniques to bring you blessed relief from pain or stress.